The ZüM E-Series

S.E.E. The Difference!

Simple. Easy. Efficient.

The Züm E-Series are Electric Vehicles developed by EMotors for personal and business use. All our Vehicle Models are powered by quiet and efficient electric motors. Unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, our Züm E-Series models use heavy duty rechargeable batteries, are economical, environment-friendly, and do not produce harmful carbon emissions.

ZüM C4RGO Elite

Our newest and first 4 wheel electric vehicle model built for all around utility. Ideal for Business and Delivery.

ZüM E-Cruizer

This electric vehicle is designed for transport of people and commercial products. It is ideal for both personal and business use.

ZüM EZee Cargo

This is ideal for the transport of commercial goods, materials and products.

Whether you're a small, medium or large enterprise, or an individual planning to start a business, using Züm Electric vehicles are the best way to ZüM to success!