Pepsi PH now using locally made electric tricycles for its fleet


Top Gear Philippines 

Pepsi Philippines is partnering with EMotors to promote the use of clean, green, zero-emission electric vehicles for its fleet.

"Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines is pleased to partner with EMotors in integrating zero-emission vehicles in our distribution fleet," said company president Partho Chakrabarti. "This will enable us to deliver our world-class products to even more communities with minimum environmental impact."

EMotors is a 100% Filipino-owned company presided by Elizabeth Lee. If the name sounds familiar, that's because Lee used to head Universal Motors Corporation, distributor of Nissan commercial vehicles in the country.

EMotors is reportedly the country's first manufacturer and assembler of electric three-wheelers--with its ZüM e-trike--to register with the Board of Investment's Motor Vehicle Development Program under EO156. It is also supposedly the first to be registered with the country's EO 226 or Investments Priority Plan, supporting one of President Aquino's programs to "clean our environment, lessen pollution and clean our air." The company is also accredited by the Land Transportation Office, according to the press release sent to us.

EMotors also says that the price of one gasoline-fed truck is equivalent to four of its electric-powered cargo vehicles, expanding the distribution coverage of its customers and enabling a faster turnover rate of its products. Operating costs of an e-trike are also reduced for frequent trips within a shorter range, with savings of at least P90 per 60km compared to a gasoline-fed motorbike.

"We are proud to partner with Pepsi as a company that walks its talk, is a socially responsible corporate citizen, one that truly cares for the environment, while at the same time understanding the economic benefits of using the ZüM electric vehicles," said Lee